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Find us at:

63-64 Railway Rd

King's Lynn,

PE30 1NE

01553 760 901


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Everybody Hair & Beauty

Everybody Hair & Beauty

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Treatments ...


Massage has deep relaxation qualities and a number of benefits both physiological and psycological. A massage treatment can ease the stresses and strains of everyday life, soothe aching joints and muscles, improve circulation, release toxins from the body and give an overall feeling of well being.


Full body, face and scalp massage...

Using aromatherapy oil to suit your needs.  Heat lamp may be included.

1hour 15min: £35


Full body massage, standard

55mins: £28


Back neck and shoulder

25min: £18

40min: £22        


Indian head & scalp massage...

Comforting and rebalancing , it relieves eye strain and headaches. It can also improve concentration and eliminate muscle tension.  You may remain seated and fully dressed if you prefer.

25min: £18


Stone therapy...

A luxurious aromatherapy massage using hot and cold stones to calm the mind body and soul.

1hour: £38


Hopi ear candles...

Perfect for releasing toxins and pressure.  Soothes migraine, sinusitis and clears the head.

30min: £25


Look Better naked body treatment...

A complete body treatment featuring a renowned exfoliating mineral body scrub, Dead Sea mineral body mask, and ending with a luxirous massage with our rich body creme and dry body oils with lemongrass

1hour: £30


Bamboo Massage...

This is a deep tissue massage that melts away stubborn knots, aches and tensions.  Ideal as a sports massage!


1hour: £32    




Pre-natal treatment...

This total body treatment has been carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mothers.  Avoiding the use of essential oils, this luxurious treatment uses grapeseed oil, various muds and creams plus advanced massage techniques to safe areas. It leaves the skin toned and the client totally relaxed.

1hour 30min:  £40


Body Toning...

caci quantum non surgical machine...

The body pads stimulate passive muscle contractions, enabling you to have a total body workout without even breaking a sweat. A typical 20min Quantum stomach treatment is the equivalent of doing 300 perfect sit ups. Quantum pads can target and toneall areas of the body.

10x30 min course:   £200

15x30 min course:    £300                                                                                                    



Mechanical pounding massager...

A deep massage for stubborn aches and pains and stubborn fat. This stimulating massage helps to break down fatty tissue. Draining and contouring the legs and buttocks

30mins:   £15


Course of 8:  £100


Caci electro cellulite massager...

This can be used for treating areas of stubborn cellulite.  It is a lifting treatment contouring the buttocks and toning the legs.

30min:  £17


Course of 10:  £130  (2 free)


Body wrap...

An instant inch loss treatment . It gives a great incentive during dieting and is also an ideal and safe way to slim into an outfit for a special occasion. It can also reduce stretch marks and cellulite.

Half wrap


1hour 30min:  £27


Full wrap 2 hours:  £35




Find us at:

63-64 Railway Rd

King's Lynn,

PE30 1NE

01553 760 901


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